Genetic Recovery Success for AJR

Genetic Recovery Success!
After a problematic history of difficult calving, persistent uterine infections, failure to get back in calf and unsuccessful conventional flushing, AJR Farms from Ellon, Aberdeenshire decided to throw in the towel on one of their top Aberdeen Angus cows.
Luckily for them, Paragon’s Genetic Recovery technology enabled them to have one last throw of the dice.
The ovaries from this tremendous cow were removed at slaughter and taken quickly to the Activf-ET / Paragon IVF Laboratory near Penrith in Cumbria.
Here, the available oocytes were harvested from the ovaries and then matured, fertilised and cultured to finally produce 6 perfect 7 day old embryos.
These embryos were then frozen and stored until AJR Farms were ready to prepare suitable recipients to receive the frozen embryos.
All 6 embryos were subsequently thawed and transferred into Simmental cross recipients
After 50 days, Pregnancy diagnosis showed that all 6 were pregnant!!
A great result from a seemingly lost cause!!
Andrew Reid from AJR Farms commented:
“I wasn’t aware of this technology until after speaking with our ET technician Mark Boland from Paragon Advanced Breeding.
Mark told us of the many successes they have had with otherwise infertile cows, so we decided to send the ovaries in to Activf-ET as a last hope in producing offspring from this great cow.
We were absolutely delighted to have 6 good Embryos produced and then to find that we have 6 confirmed pregnancies was beyond belief!!
We are now eagerly awaiting her calves to be born later in the year”