Champion Calf championing IVF

Aylward Gypsy Rose 5th, born in 2011, soon became a favourite on her owners’ David and Margaret Rutherford’s farm, after winning the title of Champion Calf at the East of England Festival Calf Show. Her first calving was successful, but her next calf in 2017 was born dead weighing in at a whopping 115 kg. She prolapsed and was down for 10 days before finally making a recovery. With doubts over whether she would get in calf again the Rutherfords decided to have her flushed by Peter May, with the hope of generating some offspring from her. The flushing was unsuccessful as her cervix was enlarged as a result of the prolapse. Following on from this she was taken to Tyndale Vets to undergo an OPU (ovum pick up) collection by Peter May, her eggs were sent to Paragon Veterinary Group’s IVP lab where 5 embryos were produced and frozen. One month later 4 of the 5 embryos were transferred into recipients and Gypsy Rose was served at the same time. Three of the recipients have been confirmed in calf as has Gypsy Rose.