What are the advantages of the IVF procedure?

  • A larger number of offspring can be generated in a shorter time frame than using conventional methods.
  • Process is non-surgical and requires no treatment other than epidural anaesthesia and a hormone programme.
  • OPU collections can be performed fortnightly
  • Oocytes can be collected from both juvenile heifers and pregnant donors  during the first trimester
  • Technique can be used on animals with a range of reproductive disorders.
  • Adds value to semen
  • Less semen used per fertilisation so multiple donors can be fertilised with a single straw
  • Wide range of bulls can be used due to frequency of collection



Applevue Rudy Mattia EX97(4)

Above: Applevue Rudy Mattia EX97(4)
Below: An IVF calf born at Riverdane

Mattia Calf

"Mattia stopped producing fertile embryos 3 years ago. Using IVF she is now producing pregnancies again at 15 years of age. Mark Nutsford, Riverdane Herd, Cheshire."

Mark Nutsford
Riverdane Herd, Cheshire