Advanced Cattle Breeding Technology

Activf-ET is an exciting and vibrant new consortium; set up to deliver advanced breeding technologies to the UK cattle industry and beyond.

The In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) process utilises both the Ovum Pickup (OPU) and In-Vitro Embryo Production (IVP) techniques to create bovine embryos.

With cattle fertility falling worldwide by 1% per year, and an ever- increasing need for sustainable protein production there is a requirement to amplify and exploit existing knowledge, and improve cattle production efficiencies.

At the heart of Activf-ET is a commitment to ongoing research and development to further develop these advanced breeding technologies to the advantage of the UK herd.


Embryos under the microscope
IVF calf born at Crossfell
Trueman Madonna at Balmoral Show
Making media under the fume hood
Searching for oocytes under the microscope

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